Norea-Sky is a highly stable edge to edge large-area lighting solution with high-quality and ecient LED’s. Engineered to facilitate simple installation and for ease of both assembly and maintenance, the textile membrane can be replaced without tools.


Norea Sky can be scaled to suit the building. Standard sizes of up to 4 square meters are possible. Human centric lighting (Circadian lighting) aims at providing a type of ‘daylight progression’ that Norea-Sky is able to emulate. Should you want to add colour features 5 channel versions can be specified for RGB-TW solutions


Standard dimensions from 950 x 950 mm up to 2050 x 2050 mm enable a wide range of applications. Foyer areas, conference rooms, sales areas or rooms that receive little or no daylight are perfect for Norea-Sky. Please refer to our lookbook for further details.